A Peek Into This Past Week (+ my goals and habit chart update)

Welcome to my weekly post sharing a peek into our past week + giving you an update on how I did on my goals this past week and my habits chart the last week.

Our Community Group had a special celebration for David’s adoption complete with a charcuterie board and cake. It was so special and meaningful!

I’ve been mentoring a young woman who is getting married soon and we’re going through the Nothing to Prove Bible Study together. She picked it and it’s been so good.

Kierstyn and I started her next preschool curriculum. We finished My Father’s World Preschool in December and now started My Father’s World PreK this past week. So far, she’s loving it!

We converted Kierstyn’s crib to a toddler bed — which she’s very excited about! 4

I took Silas to the mall to meet up with friends. I stayed close by but also gave them space to hang out. Part of parenting teens involves slowly letting them have more and more freedom and responsibilities as they prove themselves trustworthy and responsible.

I posted this on Instagram last week:

Mamas of littles: I know the days feel really long. You are tired and exhausted. It seems that you spend so much of your time wiping noses and bottoms.

You pick up the toys only to turn around and have to pick them up again. You answer the same questions over and over. You try to teach the same lesson again and again.

You wash the same dishes, the same laundry, and the same bodies on repeat.

And you are probably tired of hearing people say to you, “Just enjoy it, it goes by so fast!”

Recently, Jesse and I were talking about how in just two years, we’ll have two 4-year-olds and two-year-old. And in 4 years, we might be completely done with diapers and sippy cups and the waking- up-in-the-night every night stage (no telling when David will be potty-trained, but it’s possible it could happen in four years!)

I think having babies all over again has given us a…

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