A Peek Into This Past Week (+ my 6 goals for this week)

I got to go to a Foster Care Appreciation Dinner last week hosted by Church of the City. It was such a special night — and made even better by getting to sit with some of my favorite foster mom friends! I had no idea that fostering was also going to mean the gift of a beautiful community in my life!

I had my 32-week ultrasound to check on the various issues I’ve had going on with this pregnancy. Good news — baby is finally head down and most everything is looking really good!! The ultrasound place just changed their visitor rules, so I got to bring Silas with me!

These two love to be on my lap — oftentimes at the very same time!

Kaitlynn got a disposable camera to use for prom and Kierstyn has been going around saying, “Say cheese” to us!

I also got to go to a paint night with other local foster moms, again hosted by Church of the City. It was my first time to do a painting night like this and I was honestly not sure what I’d think of it!

In addition to loving getting to hang out with my fellow foster mom friends…

I was actually quite shocked with how my painting turned out! For someone who is not artistic at all when it comes to things like this, I couldn’t believe that all the step-by-step help from the painter as we were working on this project really paid off!

I started my Red Raspberry Leaf tea, dates, and Evening Primrose Oil regimen in prep for labor. I can’t believe I only have 6 1/2 weeks or less until baby is here!

Silas has been on two baseball teams the past few months (his year-round travel team + seasonal middle school team). It’s meant lots and lots of time spent at multiple baseball games each week (we try to go to all of his games! ), but I’m so grateful for the opportunity he has to pursue this sport he enjoys so much. Plus, there’s so much…

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