A Peek Into This Past Week (+ an update on my goals & habit tracker)

I’ve been going through this Bible Study with a young woman I’ve mentoring and it’s been SO good!

Kierstyn has been begging for me to braid her hair multiple times per week.

Micah is a huge fan of solid foods and doesn’t like it if anyone is eating and not sharing with him. 🙂

My mom sent a box for the kids and Kierstyn and David spent a long time trying to get this toy opened.

Right after swimming lessons this week!

While I was with Micah and Kierstyn at swimming lessons, Jesse took David to get a hair cut… and he got hair on him so he was blowing off his sweatshirt and David was very fascinating!

We went to do laser tag with a few other couples on Sunday. It was my first laser tag experience and we had a BLAST!

Our biggest highlight of the week was Kathrynne turning 18!! I can’t believe we have an adult child now! You can read my birthday post for her here.

Here’s my update on my Habits Chart from last week. My goal is to have 5 x’s in each line — and I didn’t hit that at all this past week! I know it had to do with me staying up too late four nights in a row. This meant that I didn’t get enough sleep and was tired and dragging. This, in turn, impacted my productivity and focus and also made little things that usually wouldn’t bother me feel heavier and more irritating.

The beauty of habit tracking is that you can quickly spot areas which are likely contributing to you falling off the bandwagon or just feeling off track/unproductive and you can easily get back on track. By Friday of last week, I realized that I had to make sleep and going to bed earlier a priority. And within two days of doing that, things were in much, much better shape!

Here’s to hoping for a lot more x’s on my chart this next week!

2023 Weekly Goals Update

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