A Peek Into This Past Week


Welcome to my weekly post giving you a peek into this past week and what’s happening at our house.

I got to babysit for my friend’s 2-year-old and baby last week. Micah loved getting to go with me!

It was Senior chapel for Kathrynne. Senior chapel is when the kids in younger classes plus teachers speak words of encouragement and blessing over the seniors. Kaitlynn and Silas both spoke for Kathrynne and it was really special! vidual senior.

Jesse and I went to the live event: America’s Labor Crisis with Dave Ramsey and Mike Rowe. We had such a fun time!

On Saturday, we all ran the Bubble Run 5K as a family.

Well, Jesse and I just jogged — because we had the three young kids. Jesse should get some sort of award because he jogged with all of them most of the race. I only jogged with the double stroller for a short while.

We had the BEST time and made special memories!

David loved the bubbles!

We celebrated Silas’ birthday with a special family dinner plus a party.

We rented a local sports complex and he invited a number of friends for kickball, soccer, dodgeball, and pizza.

Sunday was Senior Sunday at our church and all the graduates and parents were acknowledged and a special blessing, prayer, and song was given, prayed, and sang over us. It is so beautiful to have so many people acknowledge and honor and speak words of life over our senior!

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