A Peek Into This Past Week


Welcome to my weekly post giving you a peek into this past week and what’s happening at our house. I took a break from putting these posts together the past two months because all my extra computer work was focused on launching my book. But now that it’s launched, I’m excited to be back to these posts!

Also, starting next week, I’ll be sharing my goals again. I tweaked them a bit and will be sharing how I tweaked them as a result of a few things I learned! Stay tuned!

Kathrynne had her senior pictures taken. They turned out so well! (You can see two of the pictures here on Kathrynne’s Instagram account.)

This is often how it looks when I’m doing my morning cleaning chores these days. I love having them “working” alongside me. It takes longer. There are many interruptions. But this is how they learn to work and serve… by watching me, working alongside me, and practicing helping day in and day out!

All clean!

It’s baseball season again! Silas is playing on his school’s middle school team + a travel team this year again, so there will be a lot of baseball in our future in the next few months!

Sitting on the sidelines cheering him on is one of my favorite parts of being a mom!

My good friend said yes to fostering a newborn and she needed a bassinet, so here I am lugging a basement up her apartment elevator! I am glad no one saw me rolling it down the hallway!

We’ve been having tea time every day and reading aloud and she just LOVES it — and I do, too!

I got to go watch two of my youth group girls perform in Beauty and the Beast. They did fantastic and I felt like a proud aunt in the audience!

My friend, Laura, from Passionate Penny Pincher and I got to have coffee and hang out one morning last week. It was so fun!

And I got to babysit…


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