A Peek Into This Past Week

I was trying to take Micah’s one-month pictures…

And we were watching C and he and Kierstyn decided I needed to have a one-month sign to include with the picture (just kidding, I have no idea what they had decided to make, but I was just happy they didn’t manage to draw on Micah!)

Micah loves my voice and often turns his head around as far as he can to try to find me.

We left for our annual extended family vacation to Bull Shoals Lake near Mountain Home, Arkansas. Of course, we had to stop at Lambert’s — and we weren’t the only ones with the idea of ​​stopping that day since our wait was 80 minutes!

There were 4 new babies this past year so there were lots of little cousins ​​to play with!

Kierstyn loved getting to swim in the lake for the first time this year!

I couldn’t do much in the way of watersports this year since I recently had Micah, but I did get to do a really slow tube ride.

My 68-year-old dad learned how to do the air chair this year!

We all pitch in to bring food/make food while on the trip — and I was so happy there was an ALDI on the way to stop at to buy the fresh foods.

Micah with my mom.

Kierstyn with morning hair being held by my dad.

Kaitlynn water-skiiing.

Kathrynne water-skiing.

Me with my three sisters and dad.

We finally got a picture with all 8 of us!! Kierstyn wasn’t too excited about it.

Silas got to drive the boat while his cousin skiied.

Watching my boys!

Almost all of the grandkids!

Almost all of the family!

The four new babies this year.

My dad with Micah.

D has become more and more interested in Micah and loves to gently pat him!

After church on Sunday, I tried to get a picture of all three littles together. Most of them turned out something like this. But hey, it’s a good representation of a lot of our life right now!

My mom makes a quilt…

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