A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

Well, it’s definitely been an eventful two weeks! If you missed the news, baby Micah was born June 20 — my easiest and fastest birth! So many prayers were answered with his birth and I’m so grateful!

The transition from five kids to six kids and my recovery have both gone remarkably well. In fact, other than being more tired than usual (which is very expected for having a newborn plus a baby and a toddler — and three teens!), I ‘m feeling close to fully recovered!

Jesse left about five hours after Micah was born because Silas had a long-awaited baseball tournament in Destin, FL. He took D and Kaitlynn with him, too. So it was just me, Kathrynne, Kierstyn, and Micah here for the first five days.

Kathrynne did such a great job juggling taking care of me, Kierstyn, and Micah — and running errands/manning the house, too!

She is utterly in love with her little brother and constantly wants to hold him and help with him and make sure he’s okay!

Headed home from the hospital!

It’s pretty crazy to have a newborn and have your oldest daughter driving you home from the hospital!

Meanwhile in Florida, D loved the water! We missed him so much back home and FaceTimed multiple times a day to get to talk to him and see his smile and hear his laugh. Jesse said he was a dream baby on the trip though (which I’m not surprised by!) He never woke up at night and never cried once the entire trip. Truly, he is the easiest and sweetest child ever!

Right after we got home from the hospital.

One of the best parts of having older kids and littles at the same time is how much the older ones enjoy the little ones. They were SO excited for Micah to be born and I’m glad that I am able to nurse him, because I might not get to hold him much otherwise!

D watching one of the many baseball games in FL. Silas’ team ended up making it to the semi-finals — out of 24…

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