A Peek Into the Last Two Weeks

She asked me to go with her to her ice skating club banquet two weeks ago. And I have to be honest: it was not something I was looking forward to.

I wouldn’t know anyone. It was 3 hours long. It would mean sitting at a table for dinner with people I didn’t know and making small talk (one of my least favorite things as an introvert!) And what was I going to wear at 9 months pregnant to a banquet??

But it was important to her, so I set aside my excuses, ordered a dress from Amazon, and said yes.

Someday soon, my almost 15-year-old daughter will be grown and gone. She may live in another town or state or country. These days and opportunities to go to outside-my-comfort-zone banquets together won’t last forever.

Say yes, mama. Even when it’s uncomfortable.

Say yes, mama. Even when it’s inconvenient.

Say yes, mama. Even when you want to make excuses.

At the end of your life, I believe you will never regret saying yes to your kids.

By the way, the banquet was awkward. I didn’t know anyone. The dress just barely fit. And there was a lot of small talk that happened. But Kaitlynn and I had a special time together, I got more of a window into her ice-skating world, and she and I had a lot of laughs together on the drive there and back. It was so worth it!

He’s starting to figure out how to use a walker — which is a big deal!

The joy on her face!!

Hair cut time!

We’ve been taking lots of evening walks recently. It’s been hot and humid during the day, but after dinner, the weather has been really nice most nights and it’s the perfect end to our day!

We’ve gotten to babysit for C a lot recently and he keeps us all in stitches. He’s so busy, so talkative, and always saying the funniest things! (It’s hard to believe that preemie clothes were too big for him when we first met him in the NICU and now look at how big he is!)

D got to go in what they call the “Spider Cage” for…

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