A Peek Into the Last Few Weeks (+ my 8 goals for this week!)

It’s a weird thing to have both a senior and a newborn. To be heading into a year of lasts with one child and firsts with another child.

Yes, there’s some emotional whiplash involved… and yet, there’s also much perspective.

Time is passing every day — whether we want it to or not. Every day we get a choice to either savor it or squander it.

I’ll be honest: there are moments when I look at my senior & miss the carefree days when she was a tiny toddler. But then I see the woman she is becoming and I watch her confident steppingly into adulthood and I’m just deeply thankful for the gift I’ve had to be her mom these last 17+ years.

I don’t want to miss out on the gifts of here and now because I’m mourning what no longer is or the goodbyes & the change around the corner.

Mamas of littles, if there’s one thing the past 17+ years have taught me it’s that life is too short to spend it stressing over getting it all right. You are going to miss the mark and make mistakes. You’re going to need to go back often and ask your kids to forgive you.

Stop chasing the illusion of perfect and start embracing the beauty of the imperfect reality that is your life right now.

There are very few hills worth dying on. Enjoy your kids. Lower your standards for what clean and put together looks like. Laugh and play together. Look into their eyes.

Spend a lot more time caring about what your kids care about and a whole lot less time caring about what others think of you. You will disappoint some people, you won’t be a good enough mom for others. That’s okay. Your relationship with your kids matters a whole lot more than someone else’s opinion of you.

Say yes. Ask curious questions. Let your kids know how much you love them. Be goofy. Go all out with the inside jokes. Say “I love you!” as often as you can.

And if it doesn’t matter in 25 years, it’s probably okay to decide not to let it matter that much today (aka:…

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