A Peek Into Last Week (+ my 10 goals for this week!)


Jesse bought me some doughnuts last week (one of my current pregnancy cravings!)… and someone else was very excited about them. ????

We started working on learning how to color in the lines.

She’s also been loving these Water Wow books.

One of my goals for 2022 is to complete one craft project every month. I did an Annie’s Creative Girls’ Club Kit for this month.

Yes, this is a super basic sort of craft, but it was my first time to make something like this and I was really happy with how it turned out!

I posted this on Instagram this morning:

“How do you get over your insecurities and feel like you have anything to offer or share with the world?” The question came into my inbox this morning and I resonated with it so much.

I struggled a lot academically growing up. I could barely, barely pass high school math. I never took the ACT test in high school because I was sure I would bomb it so badly. I never went to college.

In addition to that, I had social anxiety. My worst fear was public speaking and being rejected by others. I avoided anything that might make me the center of attention.

And yet, here I am… teaching hundreds of thousands of people grocery math and showing up on video and writing posts that are seen/watched/read by millions of people (collectively). And yes, experiencing plenty of rejection and criticism in the process . Basically, I’m facing my worst childhood fears every single day.

Why and how? Because God.

There is no other legitimate explanation for it.

He doesn’t look at whether you did well or struggled in school to decide if He can use you. He just needs you to show up… and He can show off.

He doesn’t determine your worth or your usefulness based upon whether you graduated from college with honors or whether you never filled…


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