A Peek Into Last Week (+ an update on my habit tracker & goals!)

I’m in the middle of a lot of media (podcast, TV, radio interviews) for my new book that comes out in March. So Jesse has been finding fun things to do with the three little ones on my recording mornings.

This past week, he took them all to a local indoor gym that is very inclusive for children with disabilities and they all had the best time. Kierstyn has asked every morning if they can go back!

We spend quite a bit of time right now at basketball games cheering on Silas. He’s been playing on two different teams and loving it!

Micah turned 7 months old last week!! He’s obsessed with food and wants to try anything and everything! He’s such a sweet gift to our home and brings so much laughter and joy!

We had a really scary experience with David last week. I shared more about it in this post. I’m so grateful he’s doing better and back to his normal adventurous self!

Listen to your teenagers — especially when they tell you that your jeans are unflattering.

The girls have been telling me for a long time that all of my jeans are the wrong cut for my body type. But I struggled to listen to them because I’ve been wearing this same basic cut of jeans for pretty much all my adult life (well, ever since I stopped being dresses/skirts only back when I was in my early 20’s — which is a whole other Instagram post!).

I had a lot of excuses as to why their suggestions for trying different jean styles wouldn’t work and, for months, I just made excuses and moved on.

But I finally took a good long look in the mirror and realized maybe there was some merit to their gentle suggestions.

So I asked them to take me to the mall to find more flattering jean styles. And we had the BEST time together — even though I did still protest at some of their suggested picks.

We came home with two…

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