A glimpse of the past week

She is the pure sunshine in our lives! ! I can’t even describe how much joy and laughter she brought to our family. (Do you need a smile today? Watch this video to learn about one of her new tricks.)

I was shopping in Kroger the other day and found this formula champion Months.We are grateful for him to thrive with his mother, but Man, do we miss his presence in our home every day!

if you Follow me on Instagram, You already know that I thought I went to the dentist for two years… When I went for routine cleaning, they said in the record that I had not actually been there since 2016!!!!!! , Obviously I am not a good time judge!

Needless to say, I assure all dentist readers that regular visits to the dentist will do better. In fact, I have already scheduled the next date!

Silas likes to be Youth Woodworking Toolkit Club Craft ——This time it is a candy machine! (Use the coupon code MSM to get a 75% discount on your first kit, If you are interested. )

She is fascinated by stickers now! It was so interesting to watch her work so hard to remove them from the page, and then find something to stick them on!

Last week I met with my friends and the acquisition editor to discuss my next book. This conference ended up being one of those truly critical conferences-my whole idea for the next book has completely changed! I can’t wait to tell you more about it! !

We are proud of this boy! ! He has made such a big improvement in the weekly PT-he is now turning from back to belly, from belly to back very well, and he even started to reach out and slide hard!

Watch him sit up! When he was lying on the bed, he often used props to sit well, and sometimes used it to play Poppy!

I am very honored Our foster care journey Featured in Wait no more sites. I recently recorded a video interview and shared a lot of details about our foster care journey.

I talked about how we started, why we agreed, our fears about it, why we only raise babies now, how it affects our children and so on.

If you are interested in foster care or our personal journey, I encourage you Watch two videos from our interview on this page. I hope they encourage you!

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