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I like manicure. For several years, it has been one of the splurge of our budget. I dipped and polished them for 4-5 weeks.

But finishing them means finding time to go to the salon and sit there and let them do my nails. For a few weeks, it is difficult to spare time to do this.

Recently, I have finished nails for five weeks and I really need to finish them again. They have grown up, and the immersion oil is beginning to fall off.

However, we had a lot of things to do that week, and I can’t seem to find an hour to leave the two children at home. At that moment, I remembered how my sister said she likes Impress Nails.

She once applied dipping oil on her nails and told me that she had switched to nail polish. Manicure And became a real fan.

So, Jesse had to go out to work, I asked him if he would pick up a box of Impress Nails from Target and give me a try.

What is nail art?

Manicure It is a salon-style push-on nail that you can apply on your own in just a few minutes. You just need to peel off the back of the nail to expose the glue, then press it on the nail and push it down onto the surface of the nail for 20-30 seconds.

How much do they cost?

‘S box Manicure We got 7 USD + tax at Target. Amazon has $6.99/box. This includes 30 nails-enough for 3 complete applications. I heard that you can find them at TJMaxx at a lower price, but I haven’t checked there.

How long can they last?

I asked about it on Instagram, and most people said that they usually last for 10 days. Several people said they only lasted a few days. But most people say that if you make your nails a little thicker (this helps the glue on the back of the nails to adhere well) and don’t get them wet after wearing them for a few hours, they will last for 10-14 days .

In the 10 days I have worn them, some of my have fallen off, but I find it really easy to put on new nails or glue them back with nail glue.

How do you apply them?

Impress Nails is very easy to apply. Just open the box, make sure your nails are clean, dry and slightly rough (use a small rag and the nail file included in the box to wipe your nails and make them rough), then peel off the backing and press it down. Kaitlynn and I applied them together, and we found that it is best to nail them and press around them for about 30 seconds.

The biggest reminder people give me over and over again is not to get them wet for a few hours. They said it gave the glue time to dry. They also strongly recommend leaving them for a while before going to bed so that the glue has time to dry completely overnight. Those who said they would stay for 10-14 days told me they did.

Is it difficult for them to take off?

I wonder if it will be difficult to remove them. It’s not. At the end of the 10 days, I just pulled a bit on everyone and was able to remove them easily. I know some people talked about getting rid of them. I don’t need to do that. But mine also started to fall off a bit at the end of the 10 days.


  • They look great! Because I usually do nails, it is not a weird transformation to have very beautiful nails. I don’t think they look really fake.
  • They are easy to put on. You can apply them to the car on the way to the event (well, as long as you are not a driver!) It took me about five minutes to apply them.
  • As far as what you get, they are very cheap. A box of Impress Nails has 30 nails-enough for three complete applications (if you don’t need to replace any of them during the 10–14 day application period). And it only costs $7 at Target! ! It’s $7 and can keep you (easily) for nearly a month! This is much cheaper than going to a beauty salon!


  • They are not as thick/strong as immersion oil. I found that they are a bit fragile and it takes a few days to adapt. If you have longer nails, you should not have this problem.
  • They can only stay for a maximum of 10-14 days. Unlike the immersion oil, even though I followed all the advice people on the Internet on how to apply them, mine only lasted 10 days. During that time, some of them did fall off, I just glued them back with nail glue.
  • There are not many color choices in the store. There are only about 8 different colors to choose from in Target’s store. Amazon does have more color optionsHowever, if you want to buy something in the store that day, you will have to choose what they have.
  • They are a bit difficult to shape. Although I am very satisfied with their shape, I want to file some nails off, and I find that it is not very easy to do (maybe there is a trick I didn’t think of?)

All in all, I am very satisfied with Impress Nails and will definitely use them again-especially if I want to have beautiful nails for an event or occasion and don’t have time to finish them. In addition, they are a cheap substitute for nails that get a salon look!

Have you tried Impress Nails before? If so, I would love to hear your real thoughts!


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