A clear line

Hello, my friends. I hope this new year is treating you well. It’s been excellent for me so far. Soon I need to announce the 2023 Ecuador chautauqua about money and meaningbut before I do I’ll give a brief update on what I’ve been up to.

Deciding to extend my sabbatical from Get Rich Slowly indefinitely has been liberating. The moment I committed to this, it was as if a heavy load were lifted from my back. I’m able to pursue other passions now without regret. feel guilty. I don’t feel like I need to give myself “permission”. I just do what I want, and it’s awesome.

Isn’t this what financial independence is supposed to be?

How I Spend My Time

My food and fitness choices have remained strong now for six weeks. (Official start date of my re-dedication to health? December 13, Taylor Swift’s birthday.) I’m lifting weights three times per week. I’m walking roughly five miles per day. I’m doing yoga. My alcohol consumption is way down. More importantly, I’m making smarter food choices.

I’m losing weight, yes, but for once I’m not obsessing over the quantified results. I’m trying instead to pay attention to the actual habits and routines. I’m focused on the process because ultimately that’s what matters most. (That said, I’m pleased to report that my blood pressure has dropped from an average of 144/96 in early December to an average of 126/84 this week. Yay!)


  • The dog and I continue our project to walk every street in Corvallis, mapping the farm stands and little free libraries we find.
  • I continue to work in the yard.
  • I continue my adventures in cooking.
  • I continue to manage my mother’s estate.
  • I continue to watch plenty of movies, including the Wednesday night second-run films at a local theater. (Tonight’s movie? Patrick Swayze in Road House. Not a film I’d pick for myself, but I’m watching whatever this place decides to show.)

Mostly, though, I’ve been exploring art. Specifically, I’m teaching myself how to cartoon.

A Clear Line

I took some…

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