A $70 grocery shopping trip last week

These are moments I never want to forget. Ordinary, everyday happiness. Start our morning with a family breakfast It is one of the best memories of the whole summer. I will miss them when school starts!

(Jesse and Kaitlynn set off to the skating rink before 5:30 in the morning to conduct skating practice/classes for her, but we are working hard to still combine family dinners in a creative way, even if there are multiple activities…because this is The real is our priority!)

Check out this great price cut I found at Kroger! Kierstyn likes these. I bought an extra and put it in the refrigerator.

All of these are around $70.

I’m very happy that the strawberry weighs $2.50 at 2 pounds!

I want to use some yogurt and strawberries to make parfait… The only problem is that we don’t have granola!But I ate oats, peanut butter and maple syrup, so I made some Peanut Butter Granola.

This is such a simple recipe-it can be done in such a short time!

We like waffles…especially from Better home and garden recipes!

By the way, if your milk expires and starts to turn sour, you can use it to make waffles or pancakes!

Belgian waffles are the best!

Kirstin agrees!

One morning, we used some frozen bananas + strawberries + yogurt tube + milk to make a smoothie for breakfast.

I originally planned to enjoy a five-minute quiet, childless lunch in my basement office one day…but she found me! 😉

If you haven’t tried this Banana Bread Recipe, This is one of our favorites. I used it to make banana muffins last week.

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