A $65 Two-Week Grocery Budget for Two? Here’s What to Buy

It’s not just the rising cost of housing that is pricing some families out of the market. It’s also the ballooning expenses for daily essentials at the grocery store and beyond. While some food costs are beginning to ease, staples like meat, eggs and dairy products are expected to tip the scales at historic highs well into 2023.

Because keeping the pantry full takes a big bite out of the average budget, we wondered if it’s still possible to keep your grocery bill to a few dollars a day. The answer might surprise you, but this food budget comes packaged with the caveat that you ‘ll be sacrificing some convenience to bring low-cost meals to the table.

Can You Spend $33 or Less Per Week on Groceries?

If a $33 weekly grocery bill for a couple ($16.50 per person) to afford three square meals a day sounds a little crazy, you’re not wrong. It’s well below what the USDA recommends in its weekly grocery shopping spending guidelines for a household of two adults. The US Department of Agriculture’s budget puts spending at least $119.40 per week for two adults to meet daily nutritional needs.

While you could get by eating ramen and peanut butter sandwiches for a while, scrounging like a college student indefinitely doesn’t have much appeal. Instead, we put together a $65 two-week grocery budget that nets two adults fairly well-rounded meals without skimping too much on the good stuff.

This two-week grocery spending plan can be stretched to accommodate a family of four simply by doubling up on ingredients — and cost. Or expand this plan to a month if you prefer to track your family’s budget and compile a shopping list on a monthly basis .

Want to slash your grocery costs up to $100 or more? Check out our 28 tips for getting more out of what you put in your cart.

The Two-Week $65 Grocery Budget Shopping List

Before diving into the grocery budget calculator, it’s worth mentioning that this two-week grocery budget assumes…

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