9 Budget DIY Gift Wrap Storage Ideas


To be honest, DIY gift wrap storage ideas can be a pretty odd topic for most. But if you take gifting as seriously as we do in my household, you have definitely found yourself stuck with leftover gift wrap, which always seems to disappear the next time you need to use it.

You might have tried to store it without clutter, only for it to disappear after it was cut from the budget. You are not alone if you are looking for ways to tame your runaway gift-wrapping supplies in style.

My Budget DIY Storage Ideas

The following budget DIY gift wrap storage ideas provide tips and tricks to declutter your home while organizing your gift wrapping gear to streamline the process without significantly increasing your budget. You’ll be able to view your wrapping inventory at a glance and make informed decisions about what you need and don’t need.

File Storage

Most wrapping paper is stored horizontally in rolls because it’s easier to sustain them that way. You don’t have to throw away the smaller pieces that have been cut off the roll or stress about them anymore.

This vertical DIY storage solution enables you to store them as sheets instead of rolls. It is also great for gift bags. You can see what you want and pull it out quickly and efficiently.

File storage solutions exist all over the house; your simple magazine racks set on their spines will work for organizing your gift bags and small pieces of unused gift wrap that have been cut off the roll. You can also turn a bookshelf on its side and use it for the longer pieces.

Hooks and Brackets

Hooks are versatile storage tools that facilitate a host of storage options. I have used them to hang baskets and as brackets to hang wooden dowels around which wrapping paper can be spooled. Besides keeping the gift wrap organized, this solution also allows me to cut the pieces I need without taking the whole roll down.

I don’t like to damage my walls, so I go for the least intrusive options. A good number of my gift wrap options…


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