8 Hispanic Financial Influencers You Should Be Following

This is a photo montage of three financial influencers to follow who are Hispanic on TikTok: Jen Hemphill, Rita-Soledad Fernández Paulino and Giovanna

Hispanic financial influencers you should know include Jen Hemphill of Her Dinero Matters, left, Rita-Soledad Fernández Paulino of Wealth Para Todos and Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez of The First Gen Mentor. Photo courtesy of Jen Hemphill, Rita-Soledad Fernández Paulino and Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez

Our cultural background and upbringing often shapes how we navigate our lives — including our financial lives.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on several personal finance experts from the Latinx community who are championing for more inclusivity within the financial industry and are doing their part to raise financial literacy in their communities and beyond.

8 Hispanic Personal Finance Influencers to Follow in 2022

From podcasters and bloggers to Certified Financial Planners and Accredited Financial Counselors, the money gurus on this list help both English and Spanish speakers alike learn to better their financial lives.

1. Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez of First Gen Mentor

Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez, TikTok influencerfinancial educator, speaker and founder at The First Gen Mentor has been leaning into creating content to help the Latinx community build generational wealth.

This personal finance expert has been named in the 40 under 40 for HACE (The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement) and recently won an inaugural grant for Latinx Creatives.

You can find Gonzalez speaking passionately about her mission to support the first generation on social media and finding creative ways to encourage her TikTok audience to invest in their retirement or overcome credit card debt.

2. Natalie Torres-Haddad of Financially Savvy in 20 Minutes

Natalie Torres-Haddad is the award-winning personal finance writer of Financially…

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