8 Asian American Financial Influencers to Follow

These are portraits of three financial influencers: Rami Sethi, Sharon Tseung and Vincent Chan. All are looking directly into the camera while smiling.

From left, Ramit Sethi, Sharon Tseung and Vincent Chan are Asian financial influencers to pay attention to. Sethi uses his platform to teach people how to better their financial lives. Tseung guides people on how to build passive income streams. Chan’s YouTube channel helps make personal finance easy. Photo courtesy of Chris Newhard, Sharon Tseung and Vincent Chan

Our cultural backgrounds can have a significant influence on our relationship with money. That’s why it’s so valuable to connect with experts in the personal finance space with whom you share a similar heritage or upbringing.

It’s equally important to learn from others who differ from you, so you can be enriched by diverse perspectives.

Whether you’re Asian American or just looking to diversify the money gurus you follow, check out this list of financial influencers who represent various Asian cultures.

8 Asian American Financial Influencers to Follow

1. Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is the founder of I Will Teach You To Be Richa personal finance platform that educates people on improving their financial lives. Sethi shares financial advice through his blog, book and podcast. He also offers free resources and paid courses.

2. Paula Pant

Paula Pant’s motto is that you can afford anything, but not everything. She is the founder of the Afford Anything blog and podcast, where she encourages people to make smart financial choices that will help them create the lives they desire. Pant also has a course on real estate investing and a free membership community to connect money-focused individuals.

3. Rose Han

Rose Han is a former Wall Street trader who teaches others how to invest and build wealth with her YouTube channel Investing With Rose. She also offers digital courses where she…

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