7 Things to Do if You’re Hiding Money Problems

Cutting off price tags and throwing away evidence of your latest shopping spree before the family gets home? Dining on extravagant meals you can’t really afford? When it comes to money, we’ve all done a couple of things we’re not proud of.

But what if it goes a little beyond that? Like racking up credit card debt to go on that Bahamas getaway with your friends? Or taking out a loan without telling your partner? Oops.

The truth is you’re not alone. An April 2022 Paycheck-to-Paycheck report* shows that over the past 12 months, nearly two-thirds of the US population has been living paycheck to paycheck. And of these people living paycheck to paycheck , 22% are having issues paying all their bills.

So, yeah, everything is not fine — and trying to keep it on the down-low isn’t going to fix it. Here are our best tips for digging yourself out of your secret financial trouble.

1. Have an Open and Honest Conversation

You may have noticed it’s a lot easier to talk to strangers about your money problems — hey, we’re glad you found us! But when it comes to sharing with friends and family, we’re all at least a little afraid of being judged .

You don’t have to tell everyone you know, but no matter how awkward, it’s essential to have those tough money conversations with the people your financial mistakes may impact.

Why? You know why. If you want your most important relationships to be successful, you need to be willing to have open and honest conversations. After all, the people who love you the most are also going to be the best at giving you the support you need while also holding you accountable.

And for what it’s worth, in a 2021 survey on financial infidelity, 20% of people who were impacted by a partner’s financial deception said that after it was all said and done, they were able to grow closer because of it.**

2. Assess the Financial Damage

One of the toughest parts about getting into financial trouble is simply knowing…

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