7 Creative Luggage Storage Solutions for Layovers

It’s a story as familiar as travel itself. You arrive at a destination too early to check in your hotel or you’re stuck at the airport for a long layover. It’d be great to see the sights, but the last thing you want to do is lug your bag around town.

Fortunately, luggage storage options abound, and ditching your bags in a safe spot is easier than ever. Take the advice of professional travelers and stow your bags so you can get the most out of your travel dollars.

How Does Luggage Storage Work?

Luggage storage facilities provide a safe, convenient way for travelers to drop luggage on demand during long layovers or awkwardly timed arrivals/departures. In most cases, you don’t have to worry about booking luggage storage in advance.

Luggage storage or lockers are available for a fixed price or an hourly rate at most airports, train stations and hotels. Businesses, tourism offices and baggage storage services also provide weary travelers with a place to stash their bags.

The best options are legitimate luggage storage locations that provide insurance and guarantee against theft or damage. If you’re traveling with valuable expensives, carry them on your person or purchase additional insurance just to be safe.

Here are seven creative luggage storage solutions recommended by professional travelers:

  1. Use luggage storage or delivery service at airports
  2. Store luggage at train stations
  3. Check out bag storage at hotels
  4. Discover luggage storage services
  5. Ask the tourism office
  6. Find luggage storage at local businesses
  7. Brainstorm creative luggage storage solutions

7 Luggage Storage Solutions for Long Layovers and Sightseeing

There are plenty of affordable, convenient options to store your bags when traveling — as long as you know where to look. Here are seven options to consider when you need to ditch those suitcases for a few hours so you can see some sights.

1. Use Luggage Storage or Delivery at Airports

Most airports have a luggage storage…

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