6 Tips for Buying the Best Used Electric Cars Under $20K

New electric vehicle sales are on the rise despite soaring prices. If you want to save a buck and the Earth, consider a used electric car. We’ve got the tips to help you buy the best used electric cars on the market. And we are naming names.

The initial year of the COVID-19 pandemic delivered a brutal blow to the automotive industry, but the larger economic effects of the coronavirus (supply chain shortages and inflation among them) have led to a major turnaround.

For the average consumer, that means higher prices, longer wait times for delivery and a reduced ability to haggle at the dealership. As demand continues to outpace supply, dealers have the upper hand in setting prices for new models. Many consumers are turning to used cars instead.

That, in turn, has increased the typical asking price of used vehicles. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), used car prices were up more than 35% year over year in March 2022.

But what about used electric vehicles (EVs)? Because there’s less demand for these models, the average price was only up 25% for the same time period. Couple that with rising gas prices that show no signs of slowing, and now just might be the time to switch to an all-electric vehicle.

6 Tips for Buying a Used Electric Car

How is shopping for used electric cars different from buying used gas cars? Primarily, you’ll need to focus on electric range and battery life. Here are six tips to make sure you find a good one:

1. Make a List of Potential Models — and Act Fast

The Nissan Leaf was the world’s first mass-produced all-electric car, and it continues to be among the most affordable more than a decade later. But the used EV market now has a lot more options, from the luxurious BMW i3 and Tesla Model S to the practical Ford Focus Electric and Volkswagen e-Golf.

Consider Price

If you’re shopping for a used EV on a budget, you can take models like the Audi e-tron and Tesla Model S off your list…

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