6 budget spreadsheets and tools everyone should use in 2022


Making a budget does not necessarily mean preparing yourself for your life.go through Improve your money management, You can focus on making your money work for you. This means spending more on what you want while still maintaining control so you can achieve your long-term financial goals.

The right spreadsheet and budget technology can help you create and track your financial budget. There is no need to invest large sums of money in complex and confusing financial technology. Read on to learn about some simple personal budget management tools that can help.

How money management can help you achieve your financial goals

You may have some financial goals in your life, whether it is to increase your net worth, pay off your college student loan, or achieve FIRE (financial independence, early retirement)You may also have smaller, shorter-term goals, such as saving money for your dream wedding or buying a luxury car. Smart money management can help you achieve these goals.

Many people believe that effective money management means finding, saving and enjoying life forever. The truth is that living a life that keeps telling yourself “no” is unsustainable (or enjoyable).Instead, consider trying Conscious consumption planAccording to this logic, you divide expenditures into basic fixed costs, important investments, savings goals, and—last but not least—innocent expenditures.

By allocating space for interesting things (minus guilt) in your budget, you are more likely to stick to that budget in the first place.Through training Dial your money -Things you really like to spend money on-you can prioritize your spending in ways that make sense to you. Money Dials may include content such as fitness, convenience, luxury goods, travel, self-improvement, and social status.

Conscious consumption is a great way to enjoy life while also building a financially secure future. However, it requires organization.you need to Start with bulletproof budget, Categorize all your expenses into one of four categories: fixed costs, investment, savings, and innocence expenses. Then, you need to decide how much money to allocate for each bucket. Finally, you need to really stick to your plan.

Budget spreadsheets and tools can be helpful at every step. A simple spreadsheet can help you develop a conscious spending plan. You can then use a budget app to help you stick to it, for example, by automating your expense tracking. The whole point of these tools is to simplify money management so that you can think about your money less rather than more.

3 budget spreadsheet templates to get you started

The idea of ​​creating a budget spreadsheet can be daunting. Does this mean you will have to master complex financial formulas? not at all. When it comes to budget templates, it’s best to keep it simple, and there are many user-friendly tools that can save you time and stress. The purpose is to use tools that allow you to spend less time on fund management. Here are some highlights.

Microsoft Excel budget template

Microsoft Excel involves more than complex formulas.These Free budget template It is an easy way to get an overview of cash flow (monthly expenditure and monthly income). There are even professional templates, such as personal monthly budget, university budget, house construction budget, and event planning budget. If you have a Microsoft Office suite, you can access these Excel templates for free.

Google Sheets Budget Template

Google Sheets provides another budget method. If you have a Google account, you can access free templates that cover weekly, monthly, and annual budgets.There is also a budget calculator to help you comply with selected budget rules, such as 50/20/30 rule (This means that 50% of your budget is used for basic fixed and variable expenses, 20% is used for savings and debt, and 30% is used for the rest).

Federal Trade Commission budget worksheet

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides another convenient budget tool.free Budget spreadsheet It can be downloaded as a PDF and provides a suggested list of income and expenditure budget categories-you only need to fill in the dollar amount. The final formula (subtract expenses from income) provides a picture of your financial situation and can help you figure out how to better manage your funds.

Using the above tools, you can develop a conscious spending plan. Then, budget apps and tools can help you put the plan into action. Again, seek simple techniques to simplify your work and save your time and energy.

Here are some of the best budgeting apps that can help automate money management and give you better control over your cash, so you can achieve your financial goals while reducing your thinking about them.

Set up automatic payments via your bank app

First, take full advantage of any technical features provided by your bank. Most banks provide apps that link to your checking account and credit card so that you can automatically track expenses. You can also make automatic payments, for example, deposit a certain amount of cash every month to save money. Automation is a good psychological skill To help you control your finances.


If you like to have all the financial data, then Mint is worth a look. You can track expenses, monitor subscriptions, create custom budgets, and more. You can connect all your bank accounts, including investments, so you can quickly grasp the financial situation. If you like the convenience of using all financial planning tools in one place, Mint is a good choice. This article provides more details.

You need a budget (YNAB)

YNAB is very suitable for people who have debts to repay or want to achieve savings goals. It can help you spend more wisely using tools such as budget creation, goal tracking and reporting (including visual graphs and charts). The app also provides personal support, including a free live Q&A session provided weekly.

Financial freedom goes beyond spreadsheets

You don’t need to be a personal financial expert or professional budget planner to make a feasible family budget. The above-mentioned spreadsheets and tools make it easier for you to control your finances and implement conscious consumption habits that suit you. It does not have to be perfect. It is a tool that helps you reach your financial goals while ensuring that you will not be idle.

The goal is to create a simple budget that suits you, and then automate as much of your money management as possible, from automatically paying bills to setting up automatic deposits for investments and savings. This will ultimately help you reduce (and reduce stress) your thinking about money, so you can practice the concept of “I will teach you to get rich”: “A rich life is outside the spreadsheet.”

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