52 Weeks of Organizing: The silverware drawer & staircase walls and carpet

I set a goal for 2023 to spend 5 minutes every day decluttering/organizing.I’m sharing 5 minute projects on Instagram each week dayif you’d like to follow along. For those who don’t have Instagram or miss some of my stories, I thought I’d do a recap post here each week with a peek into the organizing/decluttering I did this past week .

I first tackled the silverware drawer. How do all those random crumbs get in there?

I got rid of a few things we no longer need/use.

And in just a few minutes, it looked so much better! (And in case you’re wondering where all the silverware is… it was in the dishwasher! It has also been disappearing recently — I think the teens are confiscating it somewhere?? — so we are running low on everything but knives right now! Should I buy more or hope it’s going to magically reappear soon??)

Speaking of magic, I kind of feel like that’s what this Clean Angel Cleaner is! I bought it during a Small Business Saturday sale in November and it has been one of my best purchases in the past few months! I’ve used it on carpet stains, stains on our white couch, and stains on laundry! It’s not cheap, but it works SO well and has gotten so many stains out that it is 100% worth the price!

I used it to spot clean some set-in stains on the stairs.

I also cleaned the staircase wall. There were so many little fingerprints as both Kierstyn and David always hold onto the wall when walking downstairs.

And finally, I cleaned off the top of the refrigerator… which, as you can see, was desperately in need of bring cleaned!!

I never see the top of the fridge because I’m too short, but knowing that it’s all cleaned off up there makes me so happy!

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