52 Weeks of Organizing: My Purse + Closet

I set a goal for 2023 to spend 5 minutes every day decluttering/organizing.I’m sharing 5 minute projects on Instagram each week dayif you’d like to follow along. And thought I’d do a recap post here each week with a peek into the organizing/decluttering I did this past week.

Monday: Organize Your Purse/Hand Bag

I recently got a new bag that functions as both purse and diaper bag. It’s big enough for me to put a change of clothes for Micah + a few diapers/wipes in it if I’m taking kids out. It’s also big enough to put my laptop/book/notebook in, too. So I love it!

And when I switched to it, I came up with a system to keep it clean. Basically, that everything in it has a place and that I clean it out every time when I come home. This has been working so well — and I didn’t ‘t really even need to clean out my purse because it was almost fully clean.

Tuesday: Go Through the Hanging Clothes In Your Closet

I have more clothes in my closer than usual right now because I’m between sizes because of being six months postpartum. And it’s harder to decide what to get rid of because I’m not sure what will fit and whether I’ll love it still when it does fit… especially since it’s been over a year or more since I’ve worn a lot of items. But, I did find quite a few things to get rid of:

Here was my pile to get rid of! Most of these are things I’ve worn over and over and over again and it’s just time to retire them because they are really worn out.

Wednesday: Go Through Your Shoes

While I have a lot more shoes than many people do. I wear all of these shoes (save the hiking boots, etc.) very regularly. In fact, I would say most of these shoes have been worn at least a hundred times or more !

But I did find this one pair to donate. I’ve had these for a few years. holding onto…

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