50 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Anyone Can DIY

Halloween is just around the corner and waiting in the shadows is that terrifying moment when you realize you don’t have a costume. Never fear! Because creating a unique last-minute Halloween costume is easier — and cheaper — than you think.

Before you put on all black and resort to going as a cat to the office party (again), take a tour of these last-minute DIY Halloween costumes that don’t require much time or money to pull together. From couples costumes to group Halloween costumes, DIY Halloween costume ideas abound if you know where to look.

Should You Buy a Last-Minute Halloween Costume?

Don’t google “Halloween stores near me” on Oct. 30 and then rush to deep dive into the discount bins. Instead, shop your closet or the thrift store to score a spooky costume just in time for the holiday.

How much can you save skipping the costume shop and putting together an easy Halloween costume? The National Retail Federation says that 69% of US consumers plan to celebrate Halloween this year, spending about $100 each and a truly terrifying collective $3.6 billion on costumes for kids, adults and pets.

Pocket that money for your Christmas saving plan instead and shop your closet for a costume or create something fun with a glue gun and a little creativity this Halloween.

50 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Procrastinators may be the smart ones after all because these easy Halloween costumes are super affordable. Whether you need a costume for a pet or one for the whole family, everything you need to pull together a spooky Halloween surprise might already be at home.

Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Your Closet

If your aim is to wear a completely free (we like free!) costume on Halloween, start with your closet. Chances are you already have a few costume pieces lurking in the dark recesses of your wardrobe. And if you can’t locate exactly what you want, hit up the thrift store.

There’s gotta be a reason you didn’t throw out…

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