50 Ideas To Help You Get Out of Debt!

When it comes to trying to get out of debt, I’ve seen and heard it all. From the person who gets three jobs to the guy who sold his dream car – just to make it all happen. It got me thinking – what are some of the craziest ideas out there to help you find your way out of debt?

I decided to make a fun post about the craziest ideas people have tried just to try to get their debts paid off. The funniest thing is that these really do work! Who knows? Maybe one of these will inspire you too!



Things are that – just things. They don’t define us, and they don’t always make us completely happy. My husband and I sold so many items when we were trying to get out of debt that we were able to raise more than $1,000. The thing is – I can’t even remember what we sold (which proves that they were things we obviously did not really need). Here are some unconventional ideas of things you can sell:

1. Hair. This may sound bizarre, but people will pay for long hair! Crafters often use it for making dolls, so they will pay to buy it. You will need to have at least 10″ or more to sell, and the price will vary greatly. You can visit eBay to learn more and get started.

2. Toilet paper / paper towel rolls. Have you been on Pinterest and seen the number of craft projects which require a paper towel or toilet paper tubes? They are all over the place!

You can get onto local sites such as Wallapop, Craigslist or even visit eBay and list your products for sale. It may sound crazy, but it actually can work.

3. Gift cards. If you get a gift card for any reason, be it a return or even a gift, you can turn around and sell the card. You won’t get quite face value for it, but you also can at least get paid cold hard cash .

They don’t have even to have the full value on them. For instance, if you had a $100 gift card to your favorite sporting goods store, but you only have used $26.48,…

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