5 tips for getting a Disney nanny job


Like Disney? This cool side business allows you to turn your enthusiasm into profit in the most magical place on earth.

Disney nanny helps holiday families to tour theme parks and look after children while their parents are playing.

If you like theme parks and have experience in childcare, this is a fun and unique way to earn extra cash.

We will break down all the information you need to know about this weird side business, including job responsibilities and average wage rates.

The demand for Disney nanny is surprisingly huge

Disney nanny is becoming more and more popular in the field of childcare.

Trained nanny can accompany the family to the theme park to lend a helping hand. Or, if the parents need to take a break, the nanny can come to a nearby hotel or resort to provide in-room care.

Some babysitters will even take your children to Disneyland for you.

This seems to be a strange service. After all, shouldn’t you spend time with your family during the holidays?

But according to the two Disney nanny agencies we interviewed, business has been booming.

“Parents sometimes need extra help or a night off,” said CEO and founder Alison FitzGibbon. Theme park babysitter In Orlando, Florida.

FitzGibbon is a mother of three children. She started her business four years ago and had previous experience in screening and training nanny for her children. After her family visited Disney World (and eventually moved to Orlando), Fitzgibbon said she noticed the gap in the childcare market.

“I realized that all kinds of people can use Disney nanny,” Fitzgibbon said.

Soon after, requests began to flood in—from grandmothers who needed extra help to take care of their grandchildren in the animal kingdom, and couples who wanted to visit the Future World Food and Wine Festival without children.

“We are a very small company, and I will arrange reservations, but I still receive about three to four inquiries every day,” said Fitzgibbon, whose agency employs 2 to 7 babysitters.

Cyan Nardiello came across her Disney nanny job last year.

As a full-time college student at the University of Central Florida, Nardiello started working as a nanny for local families in 2018 to earn extra income.

I need someone who can keep up with the children.

Nardiello, 22, is a lifelong fan and annual ticket holder of Disney. One day, she got permission from the nanny’s family to take her daughter to the Magic Kingdom to treat her.

Nardiello posted a video of their adventure on Tik-Tok under their username Theme park babysitter.

“This is the first video I posted on Tik-Tok,” Nardiello said. “It definitely exploded.”

She is not exaggerating-the September 2020 video has more than 2.6 million views.

Soon, parents from all over the country poured into Nardiello’s inbox and asked her hourly salary.

UCF student initiated Former Nanny LLC October 2020, working alone for the first four months.

But after gaining national media exposure, Nardiello realized that she needed to expand quickly to keep up with demand.

She now employs eight other women and plans to expand the business to every Disney park around the world.

“At this time we may have nanny and helped 200 children,” she said.

There are other companies-Nanny-Land and Sunshine Babysitters that also hire employees in Central Florida.

Other women have also adopted an entrepreneurial spirit, such as the nanny in the kingdom and the nanny in the mouse house, which cater to the California Disneyland market.

It’s not just Disneyland. The nanny can accompany the family to Universal Studios, Sea World and other major attractions.

Alison FitzGibbon, a theme park nanny, took her daughter to Disney World on training day. To become a theme park nanny, you need an annual pass.Photo courtesy of Alison Fitzgibbon

How to find a Disney nanny job

So what exactly does it take to become a Disney nanny?

Both FitzGibbon and Nardiello said that this kind of fantastic performance is not for everyone-even most people. This is a lot of hard work.

Before you buy the fairy godmother dress and headgear, you need to know the following.

1. You need to live near the theme park-and may need to buy an annual pass

If you have ever planned to go to a theme park on holiday, you will know that tickets are expensive.

FitzGibbon and Nardiello have already obtained Disney World annual tickets before they started their business-if you want to take your kids to the park, you may also need a Disney annual ticket.

Remember, these passes are expensive—really expensive.

The only annual Disney World Pass available to non-Florida residents is $1,300. You can spread it over 12 months, but you still need to pay a down payment of $205.

Florida residents have cheaper annual tickets, with annual fees ranging from $400 to $900-but these options have lockout dates and other restrictions.

Parents also need babysitters at other theme parks, so you can explore Universal Studios with an annual ticket, which is more affordable for US$400 to US$600 per year.

However, not every Disney nanny has an annual theme park pass.

Parenting professionals who do not have a pass insist on so-called “vacation work”, where they take care of one or more children in a hotel, while their parents enjoy date nights.

“Not all of our babysitters take care of children in the park,” Fitzgibben told The Penny Hoarder. “So for those who only do hotels… there is no need.”

Regardless of your pass holder status, you must live near the main theme park to perform. Theme park nanny requires employees to live 60 miles or less from Orlando parks.

But theme parks operate all over the world, so you don’t necessarily need to live in central Florida to be a Disney nanny.

A virtual agency called Nanny-Land said it caters to families in all Disney locations around the world.

2. Can create magic even at 95 degrees

As a Disney nanny, physical requirements are very high.

Putting aside the princess dress and fairy dust, you will walk several miles in Walt Disney World during the hot summer in Florida.

Coupled with humidity, the happiest place on earth feels like a sultry swamp during the busy season (usually from March to early September).

“This is not for the faint-hearted,” FitzGibbon said. “Sometimes it can reach 113 degrees according to the thermal index.”

Both FitzGibbon and Nardiello said that they mainly look for college-age women to perform work at Walt Disney World Park.

“I prefer to hire young people because Disney is very onerous,” Nardiello said. “I need someone who can keep up with the children.”

Older professional babysitters can still explore this part-time job, but FitzGibbon said she personally prefers to assign these babysitters to watch the children in resorts rather than theme parks.

You also need comfortable walking shoes and plenty of water throughout the day-no matter how old you are.

3. Interesting, innovative-and very responsible

You need agility, creativity, and most importantly hard work to become a Disney nanny.

Watching other people’s children is a huge responsibility, and things get busy in theme parks. Keeping track of toddlers, diaper bags, strollers, and everything else is hard enough—and with thousands of tourists spread across more than 100 acres, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

FitzGibbon and Nardiello train all their nanny-even experienced nanny.

As business owners, the responsibility of protecting children’s safety falls on their shoulders, so they attach great importance to safety.

Neither owner reported any problems, but it is always the most important thing to always be diligent.

“At Disney, children may quickly get lost or out of your sight,” Nardiero explained. “You have to be extra careful.”

Keeping statistics on the number of people in the park and getting your family to be there on time means that you need to be methodical, responsible and responsible.

FitzGibbon recruits new employees for a complete drill training day in the park, usually with her three children participating.

She also bought a life-size doll to make sure the nanny knew how to change diapers and hiccup the baby correctly.

Babysitters need to be prepared when taking care of children at the resort.

“Don’t go there empty-handed,” FitzGibbon suggested.

Bring some diapers, snacks, board games, picture books and age-appropriate toys for the children to have fun during the visit.

As most parks and resorts still take Covid-19 safety precautions, it is best to bring extra masks and disinfectant wipes.

“Families on vacation sometimes forget to bring basic things,” Fitzgibbon said. “The more prepared you are, the better your experience will be.”

4. Have some parenting experience and suggestions

You need some childcare experience on your resume to find a job as a theme park nanny.

Both FitzGibbon and Nardiello stated that they are looking for candidates who like to work with their children and have done so in a professional environment.

Experience can include babysitting, working in a church nursery or daycare center, lifeguard, babysitting, teaching, completing an early education internship, or serving as a camp consultant.

Previously working in the hotel industry-and sailing in theme parks-was a good plus.

Keep in mind that some Disney nanny agencies may have stricter requirements than others. For example, you may need to have at least three years of professional childcare work after the age of 18 to get a call back.

If most of your childcare experience is looking after your siblings or your friends’ children, the agency may still hire you if your recommendation letter is good. But in this case, please be prepared to receive more extensive practical training.

Most organizations (and individual families) are looking for at least two good suggestions from previous employers or families you have worked with in the past.

As with any childcare job, you will be checked for criminal background and driving records. You also need to obtain CPR/First Aid certification.

Finally, theme park nanny must comply with the theme park mask policy and encourage them to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

5. Understand that this may not be a full-time job

Many theme park babysitters do this job while doing other childcare jobs. Others are full-time college students, hoping to get some extra cash.

The salary is okay-but if you work in an agency, you won’t be able to get the full hourly salary of $25 to $35 paid by the family. The agency will always charge a fee.

FitzGibbon and Nardiello were unwilling to share the exact salary they received as a nanny.

Nardiello said: “The fixed rates our employees receive are consistent with current rates in our region,” he added, adding that each nanny usually works an average of 3 to 7 hours a week.

You will receive at least the minimum wage, which is currently $10 per hour in Florida. According to Indeed, the average hourly salary for childcare professionals in Florida in 2021 is $11.46.

Some organizations, such as Sunshine Babysitting, provide childcare services with 24-hour and temporary notice. A willingness to accept unusual shifts and babysitters on holidays and/or weekends may increase their take-home pay.

Of course, you can always launch your own babysitting service like FitzGibbon and Nardiello.

But starting a business involves significant risks—especially in the childcare industry.

“There are many things to deal with-from managing other people to merging your business,” Nardiello said. “You need to be honest with yourself and figure out whether the risk is worth the reward.”

Rachel Christian is a certified personal finance educator and a senior author of The Penny Hoarder.


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