5 Small Business Grants Awarded Almost Exclusively to Women

Small business grants

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If I could develop the perfect product, I’d start a business.

It’d probably have to do with food. Ideas include low-carb chocolate that actually tastes good, organic Slurpees or a wine-and-cheese package — you know, already paired.

However, I don’t have the money for that. Nor do I know anything about the food industry, but that’s not the point.

But maybe you have the time — and the perfect business plan — but just need some money to push you along?

Or do you have a business you’re struggling to get off the ground? Resisting a high-interest loan or giving part of the power to an investor?

Applying for a business grant might be your perfect solution.

Many grants cater to various demographics, and because I’m all about empowering women, I compiled a list of six grants for women-owned businesses.

5 Small Business Grants for Women

If you’re a woman who has a business or wants to start one, take a gander at these grants.

If the application window isn’t open yet, set a reminder. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to craft the perfect application and gain a competitive edge.

1. #Girlboss Foundation Grant

Awarded biannually to female entrepreneurs chasing their creative dreams — including design, fashion, music and the arts — the #Girlboss Foundation Grant honors forward-planning.

If selected, you’ll win $15,000 and business exposure through #girlboss channels.

Apply now to be eligible for this spring’s award. It’s free to apply, and you just need to enter the basics: name, contact information, a description of your project, the amount of money you need and an end goal.

2. The Amber Grant

Each month, The Amber Grant‘s panel of judges grants a winner $2,000. Then, at the end…

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