5 Medicare Changes that Can Impact Your Health Care in 2023

A new year means new changes to your Medicare coverage.

New rules include eliminating costs for shingle vaccines and capping a month’s supply of insulin to $35.

Here’s a recap of five Medicare changes to expect in the new year.

  • Medicare Part B premiums are decreasing slightly.
  • There’s expanded access to behavioral health services.
  • Some Medicare start dates are changing.
  • A month’s supply of insulin will be $35.
  • The shingles vaccine is now free.

1. Medicare Part B Premiums Are Getting Cheaper

Medicare Part B premiums are going down starting Jan. 1. It’s the first decrease in a decade.

The standard Medicare Part B premium will be $164.90 a month in 2023, down from $170.10 in 2022.

The Part B deductible — the cost you pay out-of-pocket each year before Medicare starts paying its share — is also decreasing next year, from $233 in 2022 to $226 in 2023.

Medicare Part B covers a wide range of services, including doctor visits, outpatient surgery, medical equipment and more. The monthly premium is usually deducted from Social Security checks.

2. Expanded Access to Behavioral Health Services

Expanded access to behavioral health and addiction treatment services are also rolling out next year.

A final rule issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on Nov. 1 loosens requirements to see a therapist or a counselor.

Marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, addiction counselors and certified peer recovery specialists will be able to provide services without a doctor or nurse practitioner physically on site. This is meant to expand access to more people.

Enrollees will be able to access opioid addiction treatment via telehealth (including telephone-only appointments) and mobile units, like vans, to help reach patients in rural and underserved communities.

Medicare is also boosting payments to opioid treatment programs.

Finally, Medicare will pay for the initiation of buprenorphine (used to treat opioid…

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