5 Carpooling Apps to Help You Save Money on Transportation

When we were kids, our parents told us not to get into cars with strangers, but that’s before we all had smartphones in our pockets and the price of gas skyrocketed.

Now, if you need to get around, carpooling is a way to save at the gas pump — or the electric car charging station.

We’ve rounded up the best apps for carpooling, whether you’re catching an Uber or looking for someone to share commuting costs.

Pro Tip

Safety comes first when carpooling. Tell someone the details of your carpool like who, when and where, even sharing your location. Be sure you know the safety features in each app, too.

Best Carpool Apps for Short Rides & Commuting

Carpooling App Best for Available on

UberX Share

Sharing an Uber ride

Apple & Android

Lyft Shared

Sharing a Lyft ride

Apple & Android

Waze Carpool


Apple & Android


Certain areas

Apple & Android


Carpools for kids


5 Carpool Apps to Help You Save

Key Features

  • Same app as regular ridesharing
  • Widespread availability in the US
  • Different types of rides

UberX Share

Uber is one of many ridesharing apps that enable you to summon a car to your location when you need a ride. No more attempting to hail cabs with your hand or a phone call.

Uber also allows users to select from different types of rides, one being UberX Share (formally known as Uber Pool).

UberX Share is a carpooling option for those who don’t mind sharing a ride with other passengers. The benefits of UberX Share are the same as any other carpool. Your ride costs less because you share the cost with someone else and you reduce your ecological footprint by eliminating separate trips.

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