5 Affordable Telehealth Options Even Without Insurance

Seeking medical care in the United States without health insurance can be both a complicated and extremely expensive journey.

But with the increasing popularity of telemedicine, care options are becoming more accessible and more affordable — especially for people who don’t have health insurance.

Using your computer or smartphone, you can call up a doctor whenever one is needed — even in the middle of the night — and have issues addressed quickly and easily via a virtual consultation.

From wellness visits to urgent care, connecting with a doctor online can help you save money.

Here are the best telemedicine options if you don’t have insurance coverage and how much it costs to use each one. Telehealth visits may even be free with insurance.

Pro Tip

In the US, health insurance is typically tied to your job. There are a few health insurance options though, for people who are unemployed.

How Much Is a Telehealth Visit Without Insurance?

Cost is always a primary concern when you don’t have health insurance to help reduce medical bills. Just like in-person care, the cost varies as health care providers have their own pricing tiers and options.

How much you pay depends on the type of care provider you see and the length of the visit. Studies show that virtual visits tend to cost $40 to $79 vs. more than $150 to be seen in-person, though urgent care visits may be less expensive.

The average cost for basic or urgent care is $68 per visit among the five cost-effective telehealth providers we picked. You can see a doctor with our top pick, GoodRx Care, for $49.

Some providers, such as GoodRx Care, also offer subscriptions to help you save on ongoing care.

5 Affordable Telemedicine Options

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