40 Alternative Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

Looking for alternative non-candy Halloween treat ideas? We get you and we can help.

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner. As a parent taking the kids trick-or-treating, it basically means, an endless supply of candy.

That candy is usually still around come Thanksgiving when you toss it into the trash can. That seems like such a waste of money to me. I’d rather give the kids a little something other than candy.

It is not even only my own kids I worry about. I know that many have allergies, and so I would hate to hand out food that might make someone sick….or something they can not eat.

That is why I created this list of 40 alternative non-candy Halloween treat ideas. If you are like me in the way you plan Halloween, then this will be perfect for you!

40 Alternative Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

1. Halloween bubbles. Lots of fun and something the kids will actually play with and use.

2. Mini Play-Doh. Kids love this! While I usually make my own homemade play doughyou can find these mini containers to hand out to kids.

3. Freeze Pops. The kids can take them home and toss them into the freezer to have a treat later on.

Non Candy Halloween Treats

4. Halloween Erasers. These are VERY affordable (just under $7 for 144). So they not only cost less than candy, they last longer too!

5. Spider Rings. These give me the creeps, but kids love them! You can pick up 144 of them for less than $10!

6. Stampers.Lots of fun for the kids — and they can use them any time of the year if you get those that are not specific to Halloween.

7. Game and favor books. Something for the kids to do — which makes them use those precious minds!

Halloween Treat Idea

8. Monster Tattoos. Kids LOVE these temporary tattoos!

9. Stretchy Flying Bats. These things are SO much fun (just make sure the kids play with them outside).

10. Caprisun. Skip the food and toys and go for a beverage instead!

11. Microwave popcorn. This is small and won’t take up too…

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