4 Ways to Get Cheap Haircuts That Look Expensive

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good.

And unless you like the ’80s rocker look or are still embracing the man bun, you can only go so long without a haircut.

depending on where you livea basic women’s haircut averages $66 with men’s cuts coming in lower at $40 — and don’t forget the tip! That’s a lot of money if your paycheck is already stretched between rent, groceries, gas and other necessities.

While a haircut may seem frivolous, never underestimate the power of looking — and feeling — your best, especially if you’re on the job market, attending networking events or trying to score that big promotion at work.

No one has to know how much you saved on that fabulous new bob or that edgy undercut. Here are four ways to get stellar, stylish, cheap haircuts — without dropping serious cash at the salon.

  • Visit your local hair school
  • Get your hair trimmed during happy hour
  • Become a volunteer hair model
  • Visit an in-and-out salon franchise

1. Visit Your Local Hair School

It may sound sketchy to get your hair trimmed by a student. But as long as you’re willing to be patient, you can walk out with a professional-grade haircut and extra money in your pocket.

Search online for a beauty institute or hair school near you. Most offer haircuts for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a traditional salon. If you’re worried about quality, never hesitate to read reviews from past customers

Here are some of the low prices you can find at beauty schools around the US:

  • Paul Mitchell’s school in Denver charges just $13 for a haircut and style.
  • At the Aveda Institute in Los Angelesyou’ll pay just $18 to have your hair cut and styled.
  • A haircut at the Empire Beauty School in Boston, which includes shampoo, conditioner and a blow out, is just $12 — and $6 for kids under 12.

Here’s how the process works. You call the beauty school and request an appointment, just as you would at a traditional salon. Some institutes…

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