4 Ways to Beat Uber Surge Pricing

Now that everything seems to be available with a few taps on a screen, the practice of hailing taxis is going the way of telephone booths and DVD rental stores.

Rideshare services like Uber make getting home from a night out easy to plan — no more worrying about parking, not to mention beverage consumption. But when you’re hit with surge pricing, the deal might not look so great anymore.

And on top of that, Uber implemented a gas surcharge in spring 2022 to offset rising gas prices. Riders are now required to pay another $0.45 to $0.55 for each trip (it’s $0.35 to $0.45 if you order from Uber Eats).

UberPool, the option that helps you save money by pairing you with other customers, isn’t available due to ongoing COVID precautions. But you can still find ways to keep the cost down on your next trip.

4 Ways to Beat Uber Surge Pricing

Ridesharing has become a big part of our lives but it’s also left us open to the monetary realities of the market. Grabbing an Uber is not as cheap as it once was. Here are four ways to beat Uber surge pricing.

1. Time Your Uber Right

Uber’s algorithm increases prices during times of high demand. Surge pricing takes effect during:

  • Rush hour
  • High demand
  • bad weather
  • The end of big events (concerts, sports games)

Because Uber updates its pricing in real time as demand changes, surge pricing can go back down within minutes. Waiting to order your Uber after you’ve gone through that long restroom line could save you some money.

2. Download the Uber Driver App

Here is one of the best ways to avoid surge pricing: Download the Uber Driver app to your phone and create an account. You’ll need to do this before you head out to your concert or basketball game, as it takes a few minutes to create an Uber driver profile.

Don’t worry — you don’t need to ever be an Uber driver to download the Uber Driver app.

Once you have installed the Uber driver app, you can open it when the bars close or the concert ends…

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