27 Genius Uses for Coffee Grounds and Coffee

If you can’t make it through the day without a morning (and an afternoon) caffeine fix, you’re not alone. The National Coffee Association says 66% of Americansor seven out of 10, wake up to a cup ‘o joe daily. Whether you drink drip coffee at home or fancy lattes from the local coffee shop, caffeine tops the list as everyone’s favorite beverage.

You’ve probably seen studies about the health benefits of coffee’s antioxidants, but did you know coffee (and specifically coffee grounds) can be useful in other areas of daily life? From buffing furniture to pest control, coffee has some secret superpowers that shou You think twice about dumping those grounds into the trash.

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27 Uses for Coffee Grounds & Coffee That Go Beyond the Cup

Many of the applications for coffee that don’t involve guzzling it (no judgment) rely on a byproduct of your morning caffeine fix — coffee grounds. If you’d like more grounds than your coffeemaker can provide, consider swinging by your local coffee shop and asking for their used coffee grounds. They usually hand out the day’s leftover grounds for free.

Here are 27 uses for coffee grounds and coffee.

  1. Meat rub and tenderizer
  2. Chili companion
  3. Chocolate cake enhancer
  4. Secret sauce
  5. Compost and fertilizer
  6. Pest control
  7. Flower food
  8. Growing mushrooms
  9. Hand, foot and body scrub
  10. Hand cleaner
  11. Hair conditioner
  12. Treatment for dark circles under eyes
  13. Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  14. Traction on ice
  15. Bug repellant
  16. Roach trap
  17. Deodorizer
  18. Kitchen scrubber
  19. Fireplace helper
  20. Wood stain
  21. Furniture repair
  22. Air freshener
  23. Flea remover
  24. Fabric dye
  25. Pincushion filler
  26. Painting and antiquing treatment
  27. beer brewing

Using Coffee in the Kitchen

Coffee’s unique combination of acidity and flavor helps it bring a lot to the table both in and out of the kitchen.

1. Meat Rub and Tenderizer

Use fresh coffee grounds…

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