26 Ways to Use Chicken Wire From Decor to Jewelry Organizer

You don’t have to be a farmer to appreciate the versatility of chicken wire. This mesh fencing is the go-to netting choice for chicken coops because it’s relatively easy to cut and super cheap — like you can get 32 feet for $20.

But don’t let chicken wire’s low price and low-profile utility fool you. This unassuming wire comes in all sorts of gauges and styles, making it the perfect material to tackle garden and decor projects alike.

Start thinking outside the coop with these inventive uses for chicken wire.

26 Creative Ways to Use Chicken Wire

Whether you take chicken wire outdoors or use it inside to pull off the farmhouse vibe, picking up a roll of chicken wire at the hardware store is never a bad idea. Here are 26 ways to use chicken wire.

  1. Privacy screen
  2. Vertical gardening
  3. DIY yard sculptures
  4. Pest control
  5. Concrete reinforcement
  6. Compost or waste bin
  7. bird feeder
  8. Chicken wire baskets
  9. Jar or glass cozies
  10. Kitchen or pantry cupboards
  11. Chicken wire frames
  12. Chicken wire sconce or lampshade
  13. Magazine rack
  14. Firewood storage
  15. Chicken wire cloche
  16. Chicken wire shelves
  17. Treetop star
  18. Holiday wreaths
  19. Holiday card display
  20. Christmas trees
  21. Lighted Christmas balls
  22. Chicken wire pumpkins
  23. Chicken wire ghosts
  24. Jewelry organizer
  25. Chicken wire terrariums
  26. Papier-mache projects

How to Use Chicken Wire in the Garden and Outdoors

Snag a spool of chicken wire to use as netting, and you’ll find yourself using it in all sorts of outdoor spaces.

1. Privacy Screen

Urban neighborhoods with postage-stamp backyards make privacy a challenge. Create a screen to discourage prying eyes with 2x4s and some chicken wire. You can even coax vines or other trailing plants to grow up the gaps to create your own backyard oasis and block your neighbor’s view.

Pro Tip

Looking to spruce up an outdoor space? Here are the details on how to do it with a $100 budget.

2. Vertical Gardening

Balcony or patio gardening is a challenge, but chicken wire can help plants grow…

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