26 Ways to Reuse Amazon Boxes Instead of Recycling Them


If you feel like someday you’ll be buried alive in a collapsing pile of Amazon boxes, you’re not alone. Lots of online shoppers (especially during the holiday season) end up digging out from masses of corrugated cardboard boxes or find themselves playing box Jenga in the garage.

And sure, you can reduce your online shopping or recycle those Amazon boxes through most curbside recycling programs. But for those with a zero-waste preference, the best option might be to reuse all that cardboard. Here are some things to consider before you kick cardboard boxes to the curb.

Should You Recycle or Reuse Amazon Boxes?

The American Forest & Paper Association reports that in 2021, US consumers recycled 91.4% of cardboard boxes or OCC (old corrugated cardboard) produced domestically. However, it’s worth considering how many resources it takes to both create and recycle all that cardboard.

While Amazon hasn’t cornered the market on using cardboard boxes, the online retail giant:

What to Do With Amazon Boxes

Before you break down the dozen Amazon boxes that arrived this week, here are suggestions for putting that corrugated cardboard to good use.

Store, Sell or Giveaway Amazon Boxes for Moving

It’s pretty much a rule of modern life. Someone is always in need of more moving boxes. Moving is already a stressful time, so stock up and store a few empty boxes or give them to someone in need on Facebook marketplace.

Ship Your Own Stuff in Amazon Boxes

You can reuse Amazon boxes for your own shipping needs. Before you head to the post office or local UPS location, make sure you’ve followed instructions for how to strip down and reuse a cardboard box for shipping.

  1. Check the box for damage. Ensure your box is tough, strong and hasn’t been cut or had the basic structure compromised.
  2. Stick to standard box sizes and recommended weights. If you’re shipping with USPSthey recommend not exceeding 130 inches total or 70 pounds.
  3. Remove all barcodes…


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