25 Ways to Put Away More Every Month

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to save money — even when you’ve cut the cable and the meals out, and you’ve never even had a latte habit?

One reason it’s so hard to save is that your fixed expenses — the ones that stay the same each month, like your rent or mortgage, car payment, property taxes and insurance premiums — tend to be your biggest bills. These aren’t exactly easy to reduce. Sure, you could lower your rent by moving to a smaller place, but moving itself is also expensive.

We don’t have a magic money-saving trick that will send your bank account balance soaring, but there are plenty of small ways you can scale back. And the little things do add up. Read on if you’re ready to start saving .

How to Start Saving: Set Your Goals First

We get that making a budget ranks right up there with a dentist appointment or trip to the DMV in terms of things you’d rather do. But it’s your essential first step when you want to start saving money.

Fortunately, the best budgeting apps make it easy to keep track of your spending and identify areas where you can cut back. Just be sure to comb through several months’ worth of expenses to get a true sense of where your money is going. Don’t forget about the expenses you don’t encounter every month, like holiday gifts and car registration.

If you don’t set goals, the only thing that budget will do is make you feel terrible about just how little money you’re saving. To get motivated to make saving a priority, spell out why you’re saving.

Think about the short-term goals you’re hoping to accomplish within the next year or two. Building an emergency fund for your family, making a down payment on a home or saving for a vacation may fit in here. Also consider your long-term goals, like putting more money in a 529 plan for your child or saving for retirement.

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