25 Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20 Including Shipping

Away from Mom this Mother’s Day?

Whether you live across the country or state from dear old Mom and can’t treat her to brunch, you likely want to send more than a text.

Whatever’s keeping you and Mom apart this Mother’s Day, May 8, there are plenty of ways you can show her you love and miss her. Not only that, but you can do it all while going easy on your wallet.

To help, we’ve put together a list of 25 Mother’s Day gifts under $20 you can order online. And that $20 includes shipping — free for some items.

Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Help Her Get Outdoors

Fresh air, exercise and flowers — all three are a nice way to celebrate Mom. Well, exercise if she likes that sort of thing!

1. Pickleball Glove for Mom

Pickleball is the hottest team sport these days. If your mom is seriously into this sport, you can pick her up a brand-name pickleball glove on Amazon for somewhere between $18 and $20. If you have Prime membership, shipping is free, keeping you under budget.

2. Annual Flower Bulbs

Does Mom love gardening? Give her a gift that keeps on giving with annual bulbs. Plant these flowers once, and they will bloom year after year. Bulbs that need a freeze to bloom (iris, daffodils, tulips) are typically put in the ground in the fall before it gets too hard for digging so that they blossom in spring. The following bulbs can be planted in the spring to bloom in the summer.

Gladiolus Flower Bulbs

Gladiolus are beautiful and you can get a lot of them even on a budget. You can pick your color, ordering a bag in white or purple for $13.95 on Walmart’s platform. Shipping is free.

Lily Flower Bulbs

You can get about three lily bulbs for under $20. Some options from Walmart sellers include Pink Tiger Lilies and Sumatra Oriental Lilies.

These options run between $13.95 and $15.99 and come with free shipping.

3. Gift Certificate to a Local Garden Center

Maybe Mom doesn’t have space for a garden, but does love having flowers and…

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