23 ideas for cheap Christmas decorations

The weather is getting cold. The days are getting shorter and shorter. Before you know it, Christmas is coming.

When you are out shopping for gifts, you may want to add a bunch of holiday decorations to your shopping cart to make your home look cheerful and bright.But when making Christmas decorations, the cost of Christmas decorations is often ignored Holiday budget -You end up spending more ways than you think.

To avoid regrets after the holidays, please consider these low-cost Christmas decoration suggestions.

23 ideas for cheap Christmas decorations

Decorate the hall without spoiling your finances. Here are 23 holiday ideas for cheap Christmas decorations.

1. Christmas tree on the wall

A flat Christmas tree hung on the wall can save space and money. You can use a string of lights, garlands, a large piece of felt or even washi tape to make a Christmas tree on the wall.check it out Article from Apartment Therapy For ideas. With or without a tree top hat, it looks very festive!

2. Obtain an artificial Christmas tree

Packing and cutting down a perfect Christmas tree on a snowy day may be a sweet holiday outing, but choosing an artificial Christmas tree will give you great value for money. Now, the artificial tree itself becomes expensive, depending on the size and type you choose. However, you can reuse this tree in the next few years without having to throw it on the side of the road when the new year arrives.

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3. Get a small tree

Instead of buying expensive 7-foot tall trees, you can also save money by buying a much smaller tree that fits your desktop. In addition to spending less on the tree, you can also save the amount of lights and decorations needed to decorate it.

4. Garland

A garland is a low-cost Christmas decoration that can instantly add a festive atmosphere to the room. In addition to stringing garlands around the Christmas tree, you can also hang garlands above the mantle, doorways, around window frames, or around stair railings. Instead of buying a wreath, you can use natural elements such as dried citrus and pine cones, construction paper, popcorn, or cheap ball ornaments to make your own wreath.

5. DIY accessories

Forget about store-bought decorations and pick up your hot glue gun. Create beautiful holiday memories while making decorations that can be hung on trees or used as decorations around houses.Look This good housekeeper post More than 75 ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments.

6. Flashing lights

A string of lights can really spread the joy of the holiday. To save money, choose shorter light strings to cover smaller areas-such as windows or mantle, rather than along drains or around 7 feet of trees. You can also use a string of lights on the star-shaped blank wall or spell “Merry Christmas” in cursive script.

7. Window stickers

Decorate your windows with seasonal decals. You can find window stickers for snowflakes, decorations, gingerbread men, etc. at dollar stores, craft stores, and major retailers such as Wal-Mart or Amazon. If stored properly, you can even reuse them next year.

8. Candle

Candles are a simple and low-cost way to add a little Christmas atmosphere to the room. You can create a tabletop with red, green, white, or gold candles-or place them on the mantle or wide window sill. Place battery-powered candles in mason jars painted with festive colors for flameless decoration options.

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9. Decorate your door

Cover your doors with wrapping paper and turn them into the biggest gift ever. You can use wrapping paper to decorate the interior door and front door. Add ribbons or large bows for extra decoration.

10.Bells around the door handle

Tie the bells to some red or green ribbons, and then wrap them around the door handles to make your home not only look but also sound festive. Whenever someone opened the door, the children in the house would look back to see if Santa Claus had come.

11. Decorate with ribbons

You can not only use ribbons to wrap gifts. Take some thick ribbons of Christmas colors such as red, green or gold, use them to make bows, and hang them on Christmas trees, mantles, and even door handles or drawer handles. Tie them to a glass vase with a candle inside as a simple Christmas decoration.

12. Wrap the empty box

Talk about simple Christmas decorations that fill your home with joy. You can also stack the packaged gift items in empty corners, at the bottom of stairs or on the front porch.

13. Holiday card display

An inexpensive and easy way to add a little festive atmosphere to your home is to make a beautiful display with the Christmas cards you receive from family and friends. You can shape the cards into the shape of a garland or Christmas tree, or tie them to ribbons and hang them on the stair railing along with lights or garlands. You can fill in your display by purchasing some dollar store cards.

14. Make your own advent calendar

Instead of buying an Advent calendar this year, it’s better to make it yourself.this Posts from country life There are a few ideas. Think of any snacks, tokens, or messages you want to open every day.

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15. Gingerbread House

Whether you use a kit or make your own gingerbread from scratch, a gingerbread house is a fun holiday project that doubles as a Christmas decoration. Just know that it might not last long-so treat it as a temporary decoration!

16. Show your child’s holiday work

If you have young children—or grandchildren, nieces, or nephews—use the holiday art they make at school, daycare, or home to hang on the refrigerator or display on your shelf, mantle, or countertop.

17. Create a holiday table view

Dress up your dining table and bring out festive joy. Spread red, green or white tablecloths on your table and fill a vase or tray with seasonal elements such as pine cones, holly leaves, cranberries, pine needle sprigs, jingle bells, candy canes or candles.

18. Sock Snowman

This winter craft doubles as a cheap Christmas decoration. You may be able to make it using items you already have at home: white stockings, rice, buttons, pins, and a piece of cloth.this A post from the darkroom and dear Tell you how to create them.

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19. Candy Canes

At this time of the year, you can buy a box of sweets at a bargain price at a grocery store or dollar store. Place the candy tray filled with these red and white striped snacks on your dining table, coffee table or coffee table. Or hang a candy cane or two on your Christmas tree instead of buying more expensive decorations.

21. Fake Snow in Windows

If you dream of a white Christmas but you live in an area without snow, you can use snow spray to make your winter wonderland dreams come true.You can spray Artificial snow Create a frosted look on your window or spray your front door wreath to make it look covered in snowflakes. A can of snow spray costs less than $10 on Amazon.

22. Flower pot decoration

Just a small amount of paint can turn an empty flower pot into an outdoor Christmas decoration. You need at least three flower pots of different sizes. If you want to make flowerpot Christmas trees with flowerpots or green, please paint them white. After drying, stack the flowerpots upside down and paint additional decorations, such as the face and buttons on the snowman, or the decorations and tinsel on the Christmas tree.

23. Light Projector

An easy way to illuminate the exterior of a house without the need for digital light strings and ladders is to use light projectors. You can buy one on Amazon, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and similar retailers for less than $40.

Nicole Dow is the senior writer of The Penny Hoarder.

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