22 Major Employers That Offer the Best Employee Discounts

Job seekers shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding employment in 2023. The US had 10.3 million job openings, as of the end of October 2022, according to the most recent report. With so many companies looking to hire, the difference for many potential employees could be job benefits.

In the retail, restaurant and grocery store industries, one of the best benefits is an employee discount program. Free meals or discounts at a clothing store can be a huge help for someone working within a tight budget, trying to save money and gain some financial momentum.

So, with that in mind, what are some of the great employee discounts out there? We did the legwork so you don’t have to.

22 Companies With the Best Employee Discounts

From clothes to groceries to goods, here are some of the best employee discounts offered in the retail, restaurant and grocery store industries.

1. Bass Pro Shops

Working at Bass Pro Shops comes with a host of benefits beyond employee discounts, like paid vacation and up to $1,000 in a health savings account. As for discounts, you can score up to 45% off on merchandise plus you’ll save at restaurants, resorts and conservation attractions owned by the brand

2. Cabela’s

The outdoor and recreational merchandise company also offers a substantial discount to its employees. They receive a 45% employee discount on all Cabela’s branded merchandise and a 15% discount on all other brands.

3. Chili’s

Chili’s offers free meals to its workers during shifts and discounted meals during off hours. You’ll get access to discounts on clothes, movie tickets, cell phones and child care too.

4. Chipotle

Workers at Chipotle score one free meal for every shift they work, plus they get 50% off all menu items at their home restaurant during non-shift hours.

Pro Tip

Chipotle is one of many major companies that pay college tuition for employees.

5. Costco

Workers at Costco don’t receive an employee discountbut they do get a…

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