2023: The year of me

Last night, for the third Wednesday in a row, I ventured to the Whiteside Theater in downtown Corvallis to watch an old movie. Two weeks ago, it was National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Last week, it was It’s a Wonderful Life. And yesterday was Star Wars. The place was packed! So fun to watch a favorite film in an old theater with a couple of hundred other fans.

I’ve also been watching many movies at home lately. I finally have the time. According to LetterboxdI’ve seen seventeen films in December. I watched nine in November. I enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies of cinema. (I highly recommend Letterboxd, by the way. I’ve been using it to log my film watching for two years, and I can no longer imagine not using it.)

My days have been busy, too.

In the mornings, as always, I walk the dog. Lately, though, we’ve been taking longer walks: 90 minutes, two hours. Part of this is because I’ve embarked upon a crazy project to map every Little Free Library and farm stand in town [my map]. But a larger part is because I am, at last, prioritizing fitness again.

The films I've watched in 2022

Some of you may recall that I lost forty pounds during COVID. I was happy with my fitness going into 2021, but then I got sidetracked by selling a house, buying a house, and a very shitty 2022. I fell into my bad habit of stress eating. I didn’t do any exercise. I gained fifty pounds — everything I’d lost in 2020 and more. Well, for the past three weeks I’ve been both exercising and eating right. I’m back at the gym. In January, I’m joining some friends for a 30-day yoga challenge.

To make it easier to make healthy choices with food, I’ve slowly been re-vamping our kitchen. We’ve lived in this house for fifteen months now, so we have a better idea of ​​where different kitchen tools should live. Plus, After more than a decade with Kim, I’ve decided it’s time to ditch some of our old kitchen stuff (some of which we’ve owned since the 1990s!) and upgrade to better tools. I now own three nice knives, and. ..

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