20 Thanksgiving Meals to Go From Stores and Restaurants

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many people and one of the biggest home-entertaining days of the year. There’s no need to buy gifts, wear a costume or worry about getting pinched for not wearing green.

On Thanksgiving, all you need to worry about is eating a delicious turkey dinner, watching some football, taking a nap, eating some more food, watching some more football and just chilling with family and friends.

That’s a holiday!

You might think, “That’s all well and good if you’re not the one who has to make that massive feast.” Well, you don’t have to be the one who does all the cooking this year. You have plenty of options to order Thanksgiving dinner to go from your favorite grocery store or restaurant.

It just depends on what you’re willing to spend.

Here’s Where to Order Thanksgiving Dinner to Go

So, what are your options when you want to skip the cooking entirely and let someone else do the heavy lifting?

Here are 20 places where you can order Thanksgiving meals to go — or at least part of dinner — to stuff family and friends on the big day. Plus, reduce the work in the kitchen.


If you live in the Southeast, you probably know and love Publix. It loves you right back with the premade Publix Deli large turkey dinner. All you have to do is buy it, take it home and heat it up. It’ll feed 14 to 18 people.

This Thanksgiving meal costs $124.99, which comes out to between $7 and $9 per person.

The meal price includes:

  • One 16- to 18-pound cooked Butterball turkey
  • 5 pounds dressing
  • 5 pounds mashed potatoes
  • 64 ounces gravy
  • 56 ounces Marshmallow Delight, a sweet fruit salad
  • 32 ounces cranberry orange relish

And if you’re feeding a smaller family, you can get the Publix Deli turkey dinner for seven to 10 people for $64.99, or about $6.50 to $9.28 per guest.

The meal includes:

  • One 10- to 12-pound fully cooked Butterball turkey
  • 2.5 pounds dressing
  • 2.5 pounds mashed potatoes
  • 32 ounces gravy
  • 28 ounces…

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