20 Cheap At-Home Date Night Ideas Whether You’re Together or Apart

Relationships are complicated, and longer term ones benefit from regular date nights. You can turn off the rest of the world for a little while, and just be a couple. There are a lot of ways to have date nights, whether you are in the same room, or hundreds of miles apart.

Many couples have had to deal with one person being far away. Remote working isn’t the only reason couples may be apart. It could be a military deployment, an out-of-town assignment, or a regular regional route. Thanks to technology , there are some ways to re-create a date experience via long distance.

Coming out of a pandemic but heading into economic uncertainty because of supply chain issues and inflation seems like a big damper on romance. Not necessarily! You can still celebrate your relationship and loved one on a budget.

Sometimes being creative with your time together is more rewarding and romantic than a fancy (and expensive) dinner out. The only inflation you will have to deal with is how much more you enjoy your sweetheart.

Kenny and Celina Beaumont have a date night in the backyard of their home in Orlando, Florida. Photo courtesy of Kenny and Celina Beaumont

We Have Lots of Date Night Ideas for Just a Few Dollars

If you’ve been with your sweetie for a while, it can be tough to find something special to do when you’re spending most of your time together. And if you have a long-distance relationship, it’s hard to establish a connection when you’re apart.

But there are still free and low-cost ways to keep up the date night tradition.

Although they’ve been married for over a decade, Kenny and Celina Beaumont have always realized the importance of romance — especially after having kids.

“If we’re not happy and having fun,” Celina told us in an interview, “our household’s not going to be happy and having fun.”

So they’ve kept their long-standing date night tradition alive through the pandemic with some pretty adorable dates — one of…

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