19 affordable white elephant gift ideas

Insider: The holiday is coming! Learn what the White Elephant Gift Exchange is, and get some interesting and cheap white elephant gift ideas here.

You have heard this word before, but what is it Yes White elephant gift exchange, how does it work? We will introduce all of these below, in addition, we will also share some interesting and cheap white elephant gift ideas so that you can make the most of this year’s holiday party.

White elephant gift exchange can bring laughter and fun to almost all holiday parties, such as a family or Work gift exchange. But coming up with the idea of ​​a gift can be a challenge.

When you want to play at a white elephant party, you also want to make gifts affordable. Here are some cheap white elephant gift ideas (each cost less than $25) that will make someone’s day happy! ! ! (More here Colleague’s gift ideas And very Affordable gift For relatives, if you also need these ideas.To learn more about how to control your vacation spending, see How to make Christmas on a budget)

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What is white gift exchange?

The white elephant gift exchange is an interesting spin of Christmas gift giving. You can buy basic gifts that can be used by anyone, not for a specific person. The big and useless rule is simple: buy things cheaply, steal things!

In the white elephant game, everyone at the Christmas party bought cheap gifts to carry anonymously. (I suggest you set a price limit so that everyone knows how much it will cost.) Guests put the wrapped gifts on the table or under the tree.

If you are curious, please read this background story About the name of “White Elephant Gift”.

The direction of running the white elephant gift party

First, everyone draws a number. The person in draw #1 chooses any packaged gift he or she wants to open. The second person can choose to open a new gift or steal the gift opened by player #1. If player #2 steals, then player #1 chooses a new gift to open.

When the third person turns, he or she can choose one from player #1 or #2 and steal the gift. If there is a theft, someone who no longer has a gift will open another gift. The game continues until all gifts are opened.

In this game, you want to get the highest number so that you can choose any gift you want-even if it has been opened.

Another type of white elephant exchange is the Yankee exchange. It follows similar rules, except that you will not steal gifts. You open it and keep it (of course, you can exchange gifts with each other later).

Both games are very interesting, if you want to get smart or interesting gift ideas, I will be here to help you! All of the following Christmas gift ideas are priced at $25 or less, which makes them reasonably priced but unique!

What kind of gifts will you offer?

Now that you understand how it works, it’s time to consider what kind of creative and cheap white elephant gifts you can offer.

The gifts you exchange may vary depending on the party you attend or the type of exchange. Sometimes gifts are well thought out or useful. Gifts may also be things you no longer want around your home (ie re-gifting).

But most of the time, people exchange interesting white elephant gifts. These not only bring a lot of fun and laughter to people when they open their bookshelves, but also bring them a lot of fun and laughter when they try to get rid of them or ask for the gifts they really want. So let’s continue with some interesting white elephant exchange gift ideas…

Fun and meaningless white gift present

There are many interesting ways to hold a white elephant gift exchange. Sometimes these gifts are all homemade. Other times, they will be fun. You can set a price limit and even make sure that the white elephant gift is something you use in your home. If you need creative and unique big and useless gift exchange ideas other than boring gift cards, check out this list.

Ginger Beer White Elephant Exchange Gift Ideas

  1. Mason Jar Cocktail.If you can bring adult drinks to the gift exchange, this is a very cute idea somethingturquoise.com.
  2. Autographed photos. A fun white elephant gift idea is to take a selfie, print, sign and compose the picture! Imagine that your recipient will be surprised when they open this funny white elephant gift!
  3. Small sleeping bag. This is the perfect gift for those times you just want to long for nap!! (This is not a real gift, but you can put something in the box, such as a fuzzy blanket or throw something. Cole’s There are blankets for sale every holiday at a very affordable price. )Baking cup cheap white elephant gift ideas
  4. Muffin top baking cup.These ones Cake liner The perfect, cheap and great elephant gift idea for the bakers at your Christmas party!Wine bottle white elephant exchange gift ideas
  5. Wine bottle glass. You know that you have a friend who needs one of the following These wine glasses.
  6. Lottery. These also make interesting white elephant gifts! Just ask the recipient to promise to share the bonus!Bacon Band-Aid White Elephant Exchange Gift Ideas
  7. Bacon bandage. The bacon lovers in the group need these band-aids. You know. I know. Once you open the box, bacon lovers will love it too! The best white elephant exchange gift idea ever!Axe knife cheap white elephant gift ideas
  8. Axe Pizza Cutter. Who doesn’t like pizza? No matter how you “slice”, this great gift is fun! Haha! I even like the circular saw pizza cutter!
  9. Cards against humanity.You absolutely must have the right crowd this game. It’s crazy, it’s fun…but you don’t want grandma to get it eventually (unless she is crazy like you).
  10. Paw oven gloves. Nothing can be said to love like something in the oven…when you use a bear Paw oven glove.White elephant gift exchange ideas
  11. Pupri.This Interesting little items Coming up with a great cheap white elephant gift idea, it will definitely bring a lot of laughter!
  12. Coaster. This is a great idea for a white elephant gift that is practical and everyone can use.You can give Interesting coaster Or something more traditional.Dog butt magnet white elephant exchange gift ideas
  13. Dog ass magnet. Because… why not? (My mother used these gifts as gifts when she moved into the house. They are my kids’ favorite magnets.)Socks cheap white elephant gift ideas
  14. Bob Ross’s socks. Let us say together: “Happy Little Tree”.
  15. Emoji golf. These ones golf It is an excellent white elephant exchange gift idea for golf lovers. They can help you with your swing. If not, at least they can be easily seen in the sandpit.
  16. Bring me socks. Bring wine, tacos, beer as you like… This is a suitable gift for friends who like to rest and let others take drinks.Find all kinds of Interesting style on Etsy.Money duck cheap white elephant gift ideas
  17. Money duck. Now you will know if your friend is taking a bath with soap!This Fun duck soap There is cash in it. But you have to use it up before you know how much you will get!
  18. Good morning coffee cup. This is fun Sleep/Wake Cup When you add hot beverages to it, it also changes. Mugs are the perfect white elephant gift for people who are “not so early”.The idea of ​​exchanging gifts for mobile phone charger white elephant
  19. iPhone charger stickers. These fun and cheap “white elephant” gift ideas can turn your iPhone charger into a fun little animal.

Final thoughts on these meaningless white gift ideas

The idea of ​​white elephant exchanging gifts can be daunting, but when you have all these cheap white elephant gift ideas, you can stop worrying and get excited about the explosion!

White elephant gift exchange ideas

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