16 Ways to Score Cheap Movie Tickets and Save at the Theater


Now that America’s largest movie theater chain is going to start charging ticket prices based on where your seat is located, it’s time to think about ways you can save money at the movies.

Seriously, folks, AMC Theaters’ new pricing policy has a lot of people riled up. Just for example, actor Elijah Wood says it’ll penalize moviegoers who have lower incomes. “The movie theater is and always has been a sacred democratic space for all,” Frodo tweeted.

Still, by the end of the year at every AMC theater, seats in the front will be cheaper while the best seats in the middle will cost more.

If you ask us, it’s just another way for them to gouge you.

16 Ways to Save Money at the Movie Theater

Fortunately, we’ve got ideas for how you can save a buck or two at the movies. Check out our list of 16 ways to spend less at the theater.

1. Go to Matinees

Going to a matinee can knock up to 30% off the ticket price, but watch out for the theater’s definition of “matinee.”

Shows before 4 pm used to be called matinees at most theaters, but some now charge the evening price for anything that starts after 3 pm

2. Go to Pre-Matinees

Some theaters offer an even better deal for really early movies — “pre-matinees.”

These typically apply to movies starting before noon.

3. Go on Tuesday!

America’s three largest movie theater chains all have the same discount day — Tuesday. You also have to join their customer loyalty club to get the Tuesday discount, but that’s usually free.

AMC: The biggest chain in the US has Discount Tuesdays if you’re a member of its loyalty club, which is called AMC Stubs. You can join for free, although there’s also a premium option you can pay for if you want. As for Discount Tuesdays, the ticket price varies by location.

Regal Cinemas: These theaters have Regal Value Days on Tuesdays, when Regal Crown Club members get discounted movie ticket prices and 50% off popcorn. The club is free to join.A…


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