16 Jobs That Provide Housing


There’s a whole category of job opportunities that often gets overlooked: jobs that provide housing — for free.

They include entry level jobs and seasonal jobs, and they run the gamut of industries and careers. What they have in common is a significant way to save money by letting you live where you work. That might be private rooms in a home or employee housing in a park or on a cruise ship.

You can find jobs that provide housing throughout the US and even internationally, helping you save money on other monthly bills and, in some cases, even get free meals.

What are some examples of jobs that provide housing? We’re glad you asked.

16 Jobs That Provide Free Housing

Park Ranger

Love the outdoors? Don’t mind a bit of a rustic way of life? You might be interested in being a park ranger. Your day job will involve tour givings, responding to emergencies and patrolling around the park – all with free accommodations in some of the most beautiful settings that America has to offer.

Estimated Salary: $38,660 per year (Park-Ranger.org)

Au Pair

A what? An au pair is a young person — usually a woman — between the ages of 18 and 30 who provides child care for a foreign host family in exchange for free housing, board and cultural exchange. As an au pair, you’ll be expected to do a variety of household tasks such as making meals, doing laundry, transporting kids and light shopping.

Estimated Salary: Depends on the country. Pay in Australia ranges from $580 to $720 per month on the high end, while Spain ranges from $311 to $364 per month on the low end.

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Cruise Ship Employee

Maybe you like the adventurous nature of the park ranger but prefer the wide open seas over the forests and mountains. If so, you might like to work on a cruise ship. Job opportunities abound on cruise ships, with many industries represented – casino dealers, dancers and singers, as well as restaurant servers, chefs, deckhands, housekeepers, paramedics…


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