15 Holiday Crafts to Make and Sell

With the holiday season here, it’s time to put that Pinterest addiction to good use! How? Find easy Christmas crafts to make and sell at holiday fairs and festivals.

People love to decorate their homes for the holidays, so this time of year is a golden opportunity for you to earn some extra cash. Many of the handmade crafts you see at holiday craft fairs are inexpensive to make, which means you can turn a big profit from them.

Not that you’re going to make millions selling holiday crafts — but you could earn enough to throw a few extra presents under the tree. Plus, if you enjoy crafting, it’s an easy way to fund your hobby.

Here are 15 Christmas crafts that are cheap and easy to make, as well as attractive and unique enough to sell. These are the perfect solutions for crafters and homebodies to finding this year’s holiday side gig.

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When Should You Make Christmas Crafts to Sell?

The window for generating income from holiday crafts opens in September, but the good news is seasonal items continue to be hot commodities throughout the months of October, November and December. You can set up an Etsy account and start selling onlineor opt to join the holiday craft circuit.

Use one of the many online directories to help you find a craft fair in your area. Some popular ones include FestivalNet and Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages. You can also check the local school, church and chamber of commerce for smaller events that may not be listed.

How to Make Easy Christmas Crafts That Sell

Most of what you’ll need to create someone’s perfect holiday gift is already laying around your house. Hello, green construction paper! And for the few specialty items, the dollar store carries an abundance of cheap craft supplies.

Here are the basic crafting supplies and tools you should have on hand:

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