13 Simple DIY Birthday Decorations


DIY birthday decorations make a lot more sense than buying party decorations for every member of my family every year. When you go for store-brand party decor, chances are you are going to get the same old things: balloons, ribbons, and wrapping paper.

When you DIY it, as much as you may make use of the same things above, you can come up with something unique—something that speaks to the person for whom the party is being thrown.

Think about it: if your son, who is turning eight, is into fire engines, you can choose to decorate the whole place with a fire station theme. If you are lucky, you can even convince the local firehouse to let you guys bring the birthday boy in for a quick tour of the engine.

Where were we? Ah, DIY birthday decorations.

Yes, I have a few ideas.

1. Balloon and Flower Wreath

Now, if you are big on celebrations and want everyone in the neighborhood to know where the birthday party is going to be, you could decorate your front door with a balloon and flower wreath. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • beautiful flower wreath balloonA foam wreath form
  • Balloons (you can go as crazy as you want here, but I would stick to around 50; make them unique and of various colors).
  • Fishing line
  • Greening pins (about 100 should do)
  • A single party hat

Now, there are several ways of doing this, but I like to bunch up the balloons three at a time. Simply bunch up three balloons (don’t blow them up). Make sure they are facing different directions.

Using a greening pin, push these three into the foam wreath form and repeat until the entire thing is covered in balloons, leaving some space for the flowers.

In those spaces, use the fishing line to tie the flowers all around the wreath, too. Make sure everything is tightly packed.

Finally, using your fishing line, attach it to the inside of your party hat, and then tie the line around the foam wreath. And there you have it: a birthday wreath made out of balloons and a party hat.

2. Balloon Arch

Also known as balloon garland, balloon arches are…


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